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It is such a privilege and honor to write this testimony for Geraldine Bruce. I met Geraldine a couple of years ago when she offered to do some pro-bono coaching for NGO’s. I am sure I was the last person she expected to answer that call and I will forever be grateful that she agreed to that first meeting.

What transpired since that first appointment is hard to put in words. I am not sure what I expected but the impact on my personal journey as well as the subsequent impact on the work that the Character Company does in the lives of young boys growing up with absent fathers was astonishing. I can say with total confidence that the huge growth in me as a person and the Character Company as an organisation can be attributed to Geraldine’s investment in many ways. Her friendship over the years has been a blessing to me and her professional and personal approach to coaching is an investment into the lives of every person that cross her path.

Jaco van Schalkwyk Dad & Founder of The Character Company